About our School

Our educational program is structured around a small class size of a maximum 20 students per class, with a dynamic and integrated curriculum that is aligned with the California Core Curriculum Standards and Assessment. A comprehensive infusion of technology will serve to stimulate student’s enthusiasm and interest in the learning process. Students will learn practical applications of concepts and theories that provide an opportunity to experience success in all academic areas. GCS strives to promote social and emotional maturity with the skills needed for a smooth transition from the elementary phase of the educational process to the secondary phase, and positive citizenship.

The Guidance Charter School (GCS) provides a rigorous educational program that emphasizes the development of basic skills in reading, writing, speaking and computation; development of a repertoire of problem-solving skills, through understanding of technology with a development of global perspectives.

Our educational program serves students enrolled in grades K-8, with a student-centered curriculum which addresses student’s individual needs, developmental levels, and diverse learning styles. We offer well rounded curriculum based upon the concepts and goals identified in the State framework. The curriculum adheres to the adopted district-wide “Core Curriculum” of Palmdale School District (PSD), with the flexibility to incorporate supplemental materials with local board approval.


For all students to demonstrate the ability to gather, analyze and use information effectively, communicate with clarity, solve problems collectively, work cooperatively, think creatively, initiate action, and participate in a global society. GCS will focus on the objective of: and meeting the criteria established by No Child Left Behind, (NCLB).

In addition, among the goals identified in our educational program, The Guidance Charter School (GCS) focuses on the objective of: “enabling pupils to become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners”.

GCS strives to create a dynamic educational environment that focuses on quality educational experience, fosters educational excellence, promotes the use of innovative curriculum, accommodates the demands of a diverse student population, integrates technological resources and cultivates personal, intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth and responsibility.


At GCS we seek to establish a firm foundation in the core curriculum of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Well-developed oral, listening, and written communication skills are integrated into all subject areas. The curriculum is enriched through age-appropriate exposure to information technology, art, foreign language, and physical education. We expect students to emerge from our school, computer-literate and ready to adapt to the vast resources of society’s ever-changing technologies.

We believe our role is to encourage students to use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills whenever the opportunity arises. GCS offers students the tools to help them use their intellectual and emotional intelligence effectively in classrooms, in social settings, and in future community workplaces. It is also our responsibility to educate our future generations in the care and preservation of our environment. GCS fosters a learning community in which students experience respect for the integrity of their sustained efforts as well as their immediate successes. It is our ongoing commitment to provide teachers with opportunities to improve their professional skills in order to enhance effective teaching and student learning.

We believe that collaborative teamwork is essential and should be an integral part of the educational process. Teachers, students, administrators, and parents can ensure the continued progress of our children. Success, in our environment, lies not at the end of the road, but in having made the educational journey, step by step.