Ms. Robin Moorezaid
K-6 Principal

Principal Robin MooreZaid is an accomplished educator that is visibly student-centered and committed to the physical, academic, and social development of all her students and staff. She is known for her exceptional yet concrete experience with implementing measurable objectives for organizing adults into learning communities, and fostering positive relations with parents while increasing the overall academic performance of the school. She is genial yet intensive in aligning resources with strategic priorities in meeting the needs of the student population.

Ms. MooreZaid is goal oriented and result driven. Her team spirit at the K-6 campus has allowed for the implementation of an actionable goal to ensure total instructional alignment with the Common Core State Standards. This will reflect the high standards already recognized by the school. The curriculum is designed to be technically interactive with supplemental learning components designed to diagnose and track student performance. Also, the school is implementing competitive soccer and chess as well as more technological opportunities that prepare students for the 21 Century challenges. The Gator Family signature mark has always been to encourage strong parental and community commitment that ensure a positive communal learning experience for all, which complements MooreZaid’s team spirit. She is a true advocate for educational success.

Mr. Suresh Bajnath
7-12 Principal

Mr. Suresh Bajnath is the new 7-12 Principal and visionary at the Guidance Charter School. He comes in with years of expertise as a Principal in both elementary and middle schools from two previous school districts in the region. Prior to entering administration in 2001, he served as a successful tenured classroom teacher primarily at the high school level in both British and American schools.

Mr. Bajnath has an outstanding academic background in the field of education that includes excelling at graduate levels, being able to use data to guide decisions, and training in the area of Professional Learning Communities and Transformational Leadership.

A two-time valedictorian at graduate level, Mr. Bajnath holds himself, his staff and his students to the highest global standards. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography from the University of California at Los Angeles. In 1998, Mr. Bajnath received his Teaching Credential and a Master of Arts in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Chapman University followed by a Master of Arts in Educational Administration in 2000 and a Professional Administrative Services Credential from California State University, Bakersfield in 2004.

Mr. Bajnath uses a participative, collaborative approach as a school leader. Stakeholders use the best educational practices to prepare all students for college, career and citizenship readiness to cope with today’s technological, competitive environment. He is known for his organizational ability to plan, schedule and monitor; to use resources in an optimal fashion; and to conduct a heavy varied workload at a fast pace and with brevity. He has several administrative accomplishments to his credit including multiple years of double-digit API growth at Shadow Hills Intermediate School and Golden Poppy School, Palmdale School District and the highest middle school API growth in Kern County in 2013. Mr. Bajnath also had success in grant writing and updating the LCAP.

Mr. Bajnath is excited to be back in Palmdale. He plans to use his strong personal vision and his stronger organizational vision to build a solid relationship with the community. He subscribes to the philosophy that “everybody counts” in the academic, social and emotional development of every student.

Mr. Bajnath is married and is the father of three children. He brings a selfless leadership philosophy to the Guidance Charter School. He will welcome the staff, students, and community; live among them; lead them; serve them; learn from them; plan with them; start with what they know; and build on what they have. He is proud to be from the Antelope Valley and to serve his local community as Principal.

John Hill
7-12 Vice Principal

Mr. John Hill who is an experienced and decorated educator is a true Humanitarian. He received his undergraduate degree and teaching experience from the state of Michigan, majoring in speech communication, English, Theatre, and Interpretation. In 2004 he received his first master’s degree in special education from California State University of Bakersfield and a year later in 2005 he received his second master’s degree in Educational Administration.

Mr. Hill has worked a variety of Administrative positions from Principal, to Vice Principal. As an Educational Leader in grades k-12 he realizes the importance of establishing a strong Academic foundation for each age group. When Mr. Hill was a New Administrator, he was instrumental in opening a new High School, which gave him knowledge on how a model school should perform and progress to a state recognized Performance School; a desire he has for The Guidance Charter School. Mr. Hill comes from a strong Law Enforcement back ground and his focus is on school safety, student activities, and discipline. He also strives to make sure all students will be a positive pillars in society, preventing them from being a statistic of the Juvenile Court System.

Mr. Hill still utilizes his Law Enforcement background by Educating the Community and schools about safety awareness. He also oversees The Guidance Charter Law and Government Program which he established in 2014. Mr. Hill works closely with the Los Angeles County Sheriff department Vida Program, educating students who have strayed off the positive pathway of life.

Mr. Hill believes that all students can learn, if they are given the proper teaching modalities that will engage them. Mr. Hill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Guidance Charter Administrative Team. His passion for student growth and awareness of knowing the importance of having Stakeholders come together as a team is crucial for student development.

Mr. Hill’s philosophy is; “Everyone doing their part equals a whole.” A Philosophy which he stands behind when it comes to developing the future, which is our students.