Clarissa Gutierrez


Gravity – force of attraction due to their mass

Other terms that are related to gravity and it’s functioning are:

  • Free fall – gravity pulling an object down and no other forces are acting on it.
  • Orbit – when an object travels around another object in space.

The word gravity has a latin origin meaning “heavy”.

Orbit also has a latin origin meaning “wheel track” or “course”.


Here are following examples of:

“Free Fall”:

  • Sky diving
  • rollercoasters
  • jumping off a cliff


  • satellites orbiting the earth
  • the moon orbiting the earth

To understand gravity, you have to be gravity.

(just kidding you don’t really have to)

Gravity is basically what keeps us here standing on earth. If we had no gravity, we would be floating forever. When you jump,
you come right back to the ground because of gravity. Some places have a more gavitational pull than others. For instance, say you were an astronaut snd you went to
some new planet that was discovered, if there were little gravity, you’d basically be bouncing instead of walking. But it also works the opposite way. If there were
too much of gravity on that planet, you probably wouldn’t even be able to life your feet from the surface you were standing on.

There are lots of things that go on in space. But to go over what you need to know, or important facts, here it is.

All matter has mass. Gravity is a force of attraction between objects due to their mass. On earth gravity is about 9.8 m/s(squared.)
Same as units of acceleration. Since all matter has mass, all matters is affected by gravity.
Every object exxerts gravitational pull.

Free Fall