Renewable Resource Academy


The Renewable Resource Academy is engineered to deliver an energy education program that brings about critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication in our students. The National Energy Education Development materials provide elaborate information about energy sources and production, consumption, environmental impact, economy and society. The materials are connected directly to the National Science Content Standards and are open, recent, scientifically correct, and meet California Standards. We enforce rigor and relevance using activities that motivate students to consider different aspects of energy decisions.

It is the objective of the K-12 Academy to produce graduates with a holistic understanding of the contemporary science of energy efficiency, as well as the current state of energy production, pollution, and global warming. The Academy will teach students to sow the benefits of this evolving category of science, conservation, and sustainability.

The district-wide K-12 Renewable Resources Academy gives students a comprehensive knowledge of renewable energy resources and energy conservation. The Academy is based on five concepts of energy education: The Science of Energy, Sources of Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Transportation, and Efficiency and Conservation. By empowering students with ownership of conservation problems and ideals of social and environmental justice, this Academy will create lifelong advocates for efficiency and the alternative energy sciences.

The Antelope Valley location is a haven for exploration into solar, wind and water alternatives. It supplies the Academy with a unique opportunity to place importance on solar energy. Students will engage in curriculum modules that measure the power from the sun, ways to capture the sun’s renewable energy, and review current trends in photovoltaic and solar energy use at school and in the home. Solar panels provide hands-on opportunities for student monitoring and engagement with alternative energy at the guidance of educators and field professionals. Students at the GCS will be challenged to explore the infinite wind supply as another source of energy. As Californians continue to face a worsening drought, the GCS students will seek alternative solutions to a declining water supply in the state.